How many bundles of Brazilian hair do I need?

How many bundles of Brazilian hair do I need?

A general question we are asked is how many bundles for sew-in. The reply, definitely, varies depending on the size of the head, fullness, the length of bundles and definitely if you are going to use a frontal or closure. Let’s get a pretty more targeted on specifically the needs when working with a closure.

Depth description

Getting a sew-in can be a pretty tricky when trying to figure out how many Brazilian bundles you would need. Depending on how full you want hair, the bundles length, and the textured hair you get is very vital when figuring out how many Brazilian bundles you need! Let’s say you want to go for the Kinky curly afro look and you want it a pretty longer than shoulder length, you should likely go for a 14 and since you are going to have a closure two bundles will get the work done. Because, the hair is curly and full you don’t want to have too many Brazilian bundles that will be irresistible. You can get away with fewer wefts with kinky or curly textures.

The density/body of these curl patterns will make your hair look amazing, even with fewer wefts sewn in. The little the length of the hair the longer the wefts, so in this condition because you are getting a 14, the bundles are going to be quite thick. Now let’s say you need kinky curly but you want it in a 32, 2 bundles just would not perform!

Longer bundles equal more Brazilian bundles because the wefts are little. Depending on how full you need it you may need to get 3-4 bundles. Now let’s say you need silky straight Brazilian bundles and you are planning getting a bob, 2 bundles, and a finish are more than enough. Now if you want very thick hair that goes down to your waist depending on how tall you are 26, 30 will job best. You would need brazilian body wave hair bundles but if looking for high fullness a plus bundle would get the work done.

Are two bundles enough for sew-in?

Definitely, if your bundles are eighteen inches and under, longer bundle have little longer wefts since 3.5 oz bundles weight.

How many Brazilian hair bundles do I require for partial sew in?

Depending on fullness, two to three is advised.

How many Brazilian bundles of hair are required for complete sew-in?

Three is advised but this can choice from three to five depending on your wanted fullness.