Bulk t-shirt printing

We all love Custom T-shirts. They are cheap and can be a declaration of intent. If you are thinking of creating a new business, making your own designs from home because you are someone with great creativity and do not want to spend too much money in the process in this post we will show you different ways so you can make your own custom shirts ready for to sell. Looking for bulk t-shirt printing, read ahead.

We must bear in mind that all the methods detailed below need practice to obtain the best results. So try to try on textiles those are not the end if you do not want to finish with the budget available before starting. If what you want is a professional finish, maybe you want to visit our catalog of textile printing. In addition to customizing garments, you can always buy them in white to try these techniques.

Bulk T-Shirt Printing:

You can also contact one of our printing experts to advise you on the best printing techniques we have available.

To begin, you must know what is and what is called each element in screen printing for Bulk T-Shirt Printing | MyTShirtKings:
  • The first thing you will need is to build or buy your own screens. The screens are composed of a simple wooden or metal frame and a mesh through which the ink flows.
  • If you want to build the screen, you will only need to buy the wooden frame in any store of fine arts or crafts, the mesh and join both elements with staples – or nails – to make sure they are well fixed.
  • Once we have the screen ready, we will need to have the photographic emulsion, which you can buy in any photography store or in a specialized fine arts store.
  • Spread a small part of this emulsion – on the outside of the screen – helping you with the spatula/scraper so that it is well covered.
  • Then you need to take the screen to a dark area to dry, let it dry horizontally between 1 and 3 hours.